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Wildhaber followed the footsteps of camels during his journey Wildhaber followed the footsteps of camels during his journey

Swiss Mountain Biker Conquers Salalah Mountain Trails

Oman’s Ministry of Tourism, in cooperation with Red Bull International, recently organised an exploration tour by Swiss mountain biker René Wildhaber to the mountains in Salalah, following the footsteps of camels, in one of the most fascinating routes within Dhofar Governorate.

Wildhaber’s tour lasted for a full week, filled with challenges and adventures as he allowed the camels to lead his journey amidst the beautiful landscape.

He explained that the trail seemed easy at first, but it became increasingly difficult with unexpected twists and turns, while he was consistently being entertained by the views of the area, which is also one of the most attractive places in Oman.

Wildhaber was biking for seven km for nearly 10 hours every day, in an average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius.

“I did not expect to see this richness and natural diversity in Dhofar, as I passed through the vast plains and high mountains interspersed with breathtaking views,” enthused Wildhaber. “I was expecting a sandy desert, but this beautiful land is lush green in autumn, while the governorate is affected by monsoons in the summer.”