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Excavation trenches at Marawah Island Excavation trenches at Marawah Island

Archaeologists Shed Light on Abu Dhabi’s Prehistory

Ongoing excavations at an ancient village on Marawah Island have revealed crucial information about Abu Dhabi’s earliest inhabitants.

Radiocarbon dating indicated that the settlement dates back to the Neolithic period and the hundreds of artefacts found within it have allowed experts to piece together a comprehensive picture of what life was like in the UAE 7,500 years ago.

Commenting on the archaeological excavations currently underway on Marawah Island, H.E. Mohamed Khalifa Al Mubarak, chairman, Abu Dhabi Tourism & Culture Authority, highlighted, “Ancient sites, such as those found on Marawah Island, are priceless resources through which we can explore the history of our ancestors and understand the roots of our heritage [….].”