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QAIA Chooses Amadeus for Major IT Modernisation

Driving a program of modernisation to ensure Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA) retains its reputation for delivering excellent customer services, Airport International Group has turned to Amadeus as a strategic partner for a major modernisation of the airport’s systems to deliver a foundation for innovation and the flexibility to react to new market dynamics.

The first phase of the implementation has just been completed and sees QAIA use Amadeus technology to achieve maximum efficiency by integrating airport operations, as well as passenger and baggage services, into a single platform. This step enabled Airport International Group to launch an agile, Internet-enabled model that can be scaled up and/or down to match fluctuating passenger demand.

 Implementation was completed during the COVID-19 lockdown with a nationwide curfew in place, as well as throughout the month of Ramadan. The ambitious project delivery was possible due to remote collaboration between Airport International Group and Amadeus and its flexible cloud technology with a globally dispersed team.