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Elpida Elpida

Cyprus: Elpida Sunk to Create New Artifical Reef

On December 07, Elpida, a 63 m long boat, brought from Greece, was sunk off the coast of Cyprus to in order to form an artificial reef.

The boat was sunk in front of the Palm Beach hotel in Larnaca, around two kilometres from the shore, at a 30 m depth and it will be the sixth such protected artificial reef area.

Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis attended the sinking of Elpida said that the boat was sunk in an area that has been studied and presents relatively limited natural reefs and other habitats and “is expected to significantly cpntribute to the creation of shelters, growth and feeding site for many species of marine flora and fauna, contributing substantially to the protection and development of biodiversity in the region.

The sinking of Elpida was a coordinated effort by the fisheries department and the Larnaca Tourism Board.

The project, according to the fisheries department, is funded by 75 percent from the EU and 25 percent from the government through the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund 2014-2020.