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Elena Tanou, president, Nicosia Tourism Board Elena Tanou, president, Nicosia Tourism Board

Nicosia Tourism Board Promotes Creative Tourism for the City

The Nicosia Tourism Board organised the second workshop (Workshop B) between the Cult - CreaTE project partners with the ultimate goal of promoting creative tourism in Nicosia.

Thematic Workshop B entitled ‘Cultural and Creative Tourism Best Practices Based on Cultural and Creative Sectors’ of the European project Cult-CreaTE was organised by the Nicosia Tourism Board with the implementation on November 07.

The above workshop was the main activity of the three-day event which began with working visits to structures and businesses related to creative and cultural tourism in Nicosia where the project partners participated between November 06 - 08 with an informative meeting only between partners.

The overall objective of the Cult-CreaTE programme is to strengthen the creative and cultural industries and to promote their strategies through sustainability, innovation, policy learning and implementation and capacity building.