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Zenovia, Cyprus Zenovia, Cyprus

Oldest Diver in the World Broke Own Record in Larnaca

Ray Woolley broke his own record of already been listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's oldest diver.

The veteran of World War II dived in Zenovia at a depth of 42,4 m for a total of 48 minutes on his 96th birthday.

Named ‘World's Oldest Diver at the World's Best Wreck’, the Larnaca Tourism Development and Promotion Board and the Municipality of Larnaca supported the event in the context of promoting diving tourism as well as the Zenovia shipwreck, which is among the five best destinations the world.

Woolley, who dived in front of his diving team and other schools after thanking all in attendance, said he was pleased to have broken his record for another year and managed to reach the bottom at 96 when Zenovia is located.

He also added, "While diving is usually done in pairs, I was accompanied by 47 people today and this is somewhat unusual. It is something that happens only once a year and I am really excited! I hope I am still in good shape to break the record one more time and wish you were all here with me."

The achievement of the oldest diver makes it around the world through the award-winning documentary of the production company 'In Focus Films' titled 'Life begins at 90'. The documentary seeks to present Woolley passion on diving and his positive approach to life, while promoting Cyprus and diving tourism.

The production company in question has signed an agreement with the oldest diver to review the film with the record breaking every year until it reaches 100 years, when a new documentary will be produced.