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Klook recommends best multi-country rail journeys Klook recommends best multi-country rail journeys

Klook Recommends Best Multi-Country Rail Journeys

Rail journeys are fast becoming the preferred means of transit amongst modern travellers and it’s easy to see why. Stations are close to city centres, travellers save on luggage fees, and you can count on incredible views along the way. This is particularly true in Europe, where a comprehensive network of rail links ensures easy access to a mind-boggling array of destinations.

Klook, a world-leading travel activities and services booking platform, trawled its internal data to better understand travellers’ preferences and discovered that more and more travellers tend to visit multiple countries for Eurotrip, with strong three-digit-fold monthly growth since May 2018.

When analyzing Klook user reviews of multi-country Rail Passes, convenient and easy were the most-used descriptions. The reputation for convenience has been attributed to many factors, including the lack of ticketing queues when booking with Klook as well as rail stations’ relative proximity to city centers compared with airports.

Klook has rounded up a list of transcontinental rail itineraries that promises authentic activities and experiences at every stop:

1. Culture Lovers’ Express
Route: London, UK → Paris, France → Brussels, Belgium → Amsterdam, Netherlands

2. Great Gourmet Route
Route: London, UK → Paris, France → Milan, Italy → Rome, Italy

3. Urban Explorer
Munich, Germany → Salzburg, Austria → Vienna, Austria → Budapest, Hungary

4. Green Machine
Paris, France → Zurich, Switzerland → Lucerne, Switzerland → Venice, Italy