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A tourist using Virtual Reality A tourist using Virtual Reality

Technology Transforming the Travel Industry

As technology advances and traveller behaviour changes, the tourism production chain is reinventing itself.

According to World Tourism Market (WTM) Insight, TripAdvisor and Phocuswright agree nine out of 10 travellers understand the importance of online comments, and 95 percent trust them to be true.

Independent hotel trade has gained strength through new technology and global brands consolidation with the trade in general implementing technologies best meeting guest needs.

WTM Insight said virtual reality will become more powerful and accessible this year, allowing armchair travellers to feel they are immersed in exotic destinations.

More advanced packages will synchronise smart home technology with a virtual experience, adjusting temperature to match destination climates and provide sensory complements.
Drones will replace selfie-sticks, and artificial intelligence will be impossible to ignore, WTM Insight said.