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WTTC: North America Contributes 25 Percent to Global Travel and Tourism GDP

The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) which represents the global travel and tourism private sector, released its comprehensive Cities Report for 2019, which reveals North America contributes USD686,6 billion (25 percent) to the global travel and tourism GDP.

Focusing on 73 major tourism city destinations, the report provides estimates of the GDP and employment directly generated by the travel and tourism sector, and highlights successful initiatives, strategies and policies that have been implemented.

The report reveals many cities across North America make a significant contribution to the city’s overall GDP, with Cancun’s travel and tourism sector contributing almost half (46,8 percent), and Las Vegas contributing more than a quarter (27,4 percent).

Of the top 10 cities in this category, Las Vegas is followed by Orlando, which directly contributes 19,8 percent to the city’s overall GDP.

The Cities Report shows these 73 cities account for USD691 billion in direct travel and tourism GDP, which represents 25 percent of the sector’s direct global GDP and accounts for over 17 million jobs.

Additionally, in 2018, direct travel and tourism GDP across the cities, grew by 3,6 percent, above the overall city economy growth of three percent. The top 10 largest cities for direct travel and tourism contribution to city GDP include Orlando (USD26,3 billion), New York (USD26 billion) and Mexico City (USD24,6 billion).

International visitor spending is usually more important to cities than it is to countries as a whole. Two out of the top 10 cities for international visitor spending were in North America, with international visitors to New York spending USD21 billion and those to Miami spending USD17 billion.