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Canadian Hoteliers Continue to Thrive

Between 28 May – June 03, STR revealed that hotels in Canada achieved an 8.3 percent boost in RevPAR to CAD114.71 (USD86.37), a 7.4 percent rise in average daily rate (ADR) to CAD158.95 (USD119.68) and a 0.9 percent increase in occupancy to 72.2 percent, when compared to the same week in 2016.

Among the provinces, Ontario saw the largest year-on-year increase in RevPAR, up 16.5 percent to CAD123.70 (USD93.14), driven a 12.8 percent jump in ADR to CAD161.82 (USD121.84), and a 3.3 percent rise in occupancy to 76.4 percent.

Quebec experienced the largest surge in occupancy with a 5.1 percent rise to 78.9 percent, while Saskatchewan and Alberta both observed double-digit growth in RevPAR, up 12.3 percent and 12 percent, respectively.