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Horniman Museum and Gardens Horniman Museum and Gardens

Florida Aquarium to Produce Lab-made Corals

The Florida Aquarium and the Horniman Museum and Gardens, based in London, have joined forces to save coral reefs by reproducing corals in a lab.

Corals in the wild reproduce once per year making it hard for researches to observe especially as the event is becoming increasingly more uncertain given the changing climate.
From December 11 – 17, Keri O’Neil, nursery manager, corals, Florida Aquarium, will be visiting the Horniman to learn their techniques of growing corals in a lab setting and gather ideas of how to transport future coral fragments to Florida for restoration purposes.

“Project Coral is game-changing, allowing us to spawn corals on site, create multiple spawning events across the year and drastically speed up restoration work to ensure the survival of Florida’s reef,” said Scott Graves, director, conservation, Florida Aquarium Center.