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Constance von Muehlen Constance von Muehlen

Alaska Airlines Appoints Constance von Muehlen Chief Operating Officer

Alaska Air Group announced the appointment of Constance von Muehlen as chief operating officer of Alaska Airlines, effective April 03 of this year.

Upon assuming this role, von Muehlen will join Alaska's executive committee and report to Ben Minicucci, who became CEO on March 31. She succeeds current COO, Gary Beck, who has announced his retirement following an impressive 47-year career in aviation.

A 30-year aviation veteran who received her leadership training flying Black Hawk helicopters as a Captain in the US Army, von Muehlen brings a proven track record of safety and operational excellence to the role.

As COO, von Muehlen will oversee the day-to-day operations on the ground and in the air for Alaska Airlines, focusing on delivering on Alaska's commitment to genuine, caring service that ensures a safe, reliable, hassle-free and welcoming experience for all guests. She will also serve as board chair of McGee Air Services, where she will oversee operations at Alaska's ground services subsidiary.

Upon assuming this role, von Muehlen will make Alaska Airlines history by becoming the company's first female COO.