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Alaska Airlines introduced Hawaii Pre-Clear Programme Alaska Airlines introduced Hawaii Pre-Clear Programme

Alaska Airlines Introduced Hawaii Pre-Clear Programme

Alaska Airlines guests travelling to Hawaii can now pre-clear on the West Coast, avoiding lines and bypassing the airport screening process after they arrive in Hawaii with an approved negative COVID-19 test.

Alaska's Pre-Clear programme, launched this week in coordination with the State of Hawaii, is the first of its kind to allow guests to obtain an exemption from the state's mandatory 14-day quarantine before departure.

In mid-October, 2020, Hawaii began a pre-travel testing programme that allows anyone entering the state who tests negative for COVID-19 in advance to proceed without the current two-week mandatory quarantine. To help with the long wait times that travellers arriving in the Islands have experienced as part of this programme, Alaska has received approval to pre-clear guests who complete the state's requirements prior to check-in, so that no additional screening is needed after arrival at Hawaii's airports.

"As guests start planning their 2021 travel to Hawaii, we are focused on making the journey as safe, easy and hassle-free as possible," said Ben Minicucci, president, Alaska Airline, who flew to Honolulu on the first day of the pre-travel testing programme to experience the arrival process first-hand. "We appreciate Hawaii's partnership to help ensure our guests are well-informed and visit these beautiful islands responsibly, wearing a mask and following the state's safety guidelines."